Fundamentals are an essential part of moving. Using a series of exercises that are adaptable to everyday life through functional movements is at the basis all of FFIT Sessions. 

Our focus is to cater for various levels of fitness, whether you are starting out, getting back to it for the first time since an injury or life stopped you in your tracks or even training for a special event in your life. This is why intensity is an essential ingredient to each session.  


A little yin and yang to start or finish your day just right.  FFITFlex is a full body workout using weights or body weight training that takes the shortest amount of time with the highest level of impact.  Each session is “low” or “high” based depending on your level.  Followed by quick burst cardio and cool down.  Finished on your yoga mat you move through a series of stretching to gain flexibly, strength, balance and calm.


A 1 and a half hour session that includes walking with and getting to know others from all walks of life. Not just walking, you are guided through the basics of functional movements and exercises that increase strength, balance and fitness.  Fitness and Socialness all rolled into one.  On the walk we talk all things health, happiness, strength and fitness.  A great session to take you from “Start to Strong”.   


A calming and uplifting session for the mind and body.  On your yoga mat you move through a series of stretches for muscle strength, balance, flexibility and range of motion. 

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