FITFlex is specifically designed for you, so those everyday activities don't slow you down. We want you to live your life doing what you love, like travelling, playing with the grand-kids and easily hanging out the washing. 

Well, maybe hanging out the washing you don't love so much, but it is something we do every week.  Hanging out the washing is one of the best examples of functional movements.  You bend, lower, turn, lift and reach, all fundamentals of everyday life.

FitFlex is a 
little yin and yang to start or finish your day just right. 

Fit is a 20 minute full body workout using weights or body weight training that takes the shortest amount of time with the highest level of impact and sure to get your heart rate racing.  Each session is “low” or “high” based depending on your level. So we've got you covered if you're just getting back to it after a break or injury. 

Flex is 20 minutes on your yoga mat where we take you through a series of stretching to gain flexibility, strength, balance and calm. 

It's the perfect combination.  The stretching is the reward for the work you put in during the workout.

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