6 years ago exactly Tania walked through the doors of Strong Healthy Women.  It’s been almost 3 months since FFITFlex (our tailored made program for the pre, post and menopausal women) was introduced and the results in decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle is exactly what we expected to see.

Tania was struggling with work, study and family and needed more energy. She'd seen other women around her full of energy after completing the 28 day transformation journey. Finally it was her time in September to reclaim a little of her old energised self.

The difference speaks for itself. She had been struggling to get to workouts, now she never misses one.

"Life is so much better now, I am coping more. I've continued using the principles of wholesome healthy eating and strength training and love how I am feeling".

8 weeks in, Tania is 7.3 kilos lighter and her body fat has been reduced by 3.8% and she has built metabolically active muscle, it's burning fat while she's resting.

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The saying goes “Everything will change, nothing will stay the same”.  That’s the wonderful thing about life, you never know what you will get, you only need to be willing to take on the change and see where it takes you.  
For Tania, she decided her change was to combine FFITFlex with the 28 Day Transformation Journey.  



09 October 2017

This week we sat down with Robyn and asked her what she felt about FFITFLEX.  Robyn attends 3 times each week and has been attending this style of training for 8 weeks. 

Here is what she said “I definitely have a renewed enthusiasm for coming along to Strong Healthy Women.  I really like the new format even though it is damn hard, and have seen some changes.  I have some muscle definition, and am much better at performing each exercise.  I know I am stronger as I am managing the weights and usually finish the number of sets.  I need to keep working on the cardio side of things as sometimes I feel it takes everything out of me!”   Oh Robyn, don’t we all?



02 October 2017

Have you ever sat back and thought about how far you've come since you made changes to your lifestyle?

You will never know how far you've travelled unless you know where you started.  Simply saying I want to feel and look better is a starting point, but not specific.  You will only truly know when you have some type of measurement.  That could be clothes size, weight, body fat, the weight you are lifting, how you can garden all day within getting fatigued to name a few. 

Our exclusive FFITFlex program was released on Monday 31 July 2017, so I was interested in how our client’s bodies are feeling now it’s been 8 weeks and here is what a few of them had to say.

Ree told me she is feeling stronger and fitter, as well as less tired.  Then she said “the less tired is probably the 28 day transformation”.  She is absolutely correct, not only has her exercise program changed but her eating habits as well so she is getting double the results. 

Julie said “I am feeling more tone, more energised and coping better with life challenges.”

Wendy explained that the workouts are now more of a mental challenge and she is being challenged to work harder and as a result is feeling more flexible and a lot more toned.

Annette agreed with Wendy she is a lot more flexible in fact she told me that she can now look behind when she is driving.  This had been difficult in the past.

I just love that Tricia said “I can do anything in my garden now, I can feel how much more strength I have.”

“I can feel more muscles, than before” said Barbara.

We start to lose our balance as we age, so it is really important to practise.  Today Helen said “I have greater balance and am stronger”.

Elizabeth totally agreed with Tricia and told me that she can now carry her big water cans (2 at a time) full of water for her garden. “I am able to lift heavier items at home”.

Andrea said “almost straight away I could feel and see my body shape changing, I am so much stronger”.

Thank you so much for sharing with me how you are feeling now. 



25 September 2017

“I joined Strong Healthy Women in early 2009 because I was looking for a way to get back on track after the treatment I went through for breast cancer. I wanted somewhere I would feel supported with a friendly environment. I needed help to get my strength and confidence back! Having a ladies only environment was important at the time and having a trainer was a great way to learn the ropes and to then stay on track.

I have learnt that I am stronger physically and mentally than I give myself credit for. I have come a long way after my surgery, chemo, and radiation treatments all helped by the wonderful team at SHW.

My greatest gain during my time at SHW besides getting back to my confident old self, is building my physical strength and a commitment to keep on keeping on.

I love the friendly faces of the other ladies and my fantastic PT Sally-anne. They keep me motivated to turn up consistently and to put in 100% (or as close too 😊) each session!” Robyn



18 September 

“I'm not a gym junkie so when I joined Strong Healthy Women over 10 years ago I was curious about the 30 minute workout. Short n sweet!  

I have learnt that I know I can go further if I push myself. .. (or if Sally-anne pushes  I know that I am stronger and believe that I do not get sick as often. On a recent bush walk that involved lots of steps I surprised myself by how much energy I had.

I enjoy the small group sessions where the PT’s are able to motivate you as individuals, knowing our strength and weaknesses.” Sue



11 September 2017

“I joined Strong Healthy Women in 2011 as I wanted to lose weight and needed to do weight bearing exercises for my bones.  During this time I learnt that I needed to persist to stay healthy. The bonus is that I enjoy coming. I now have a lot more upper body strength. I like the workout routine and always feel good after the class. I do as much as I can and I am sure it has helped with my osteoporosis.” Theresa



04 September 2017

“I joined Strong Healthy Women in October 2011 because I wanted to get fit, be more active, and feel more comfortable in my own skin.  Since that time I have learnt that I am stronger than I know, and there's no such word as 'Can't'.  Well the exception here is I still struggle with Burpees, but am improving.  I now believe in myself and my abilities.  I look at daily exercise and eating in a whole new way.  I love the personal connection I have with Peta, Sally-anne and all the friendships I've made. It makes coming each day feel like less of a chore and more a journey.”  Linda



28 August 2017

“I started out exercising for my health and wanted my workouts to be quick and this is why I joined Strong Healthy Women back in 2009.  During this time I have learnt that I can do more than I thought I ever could. What I cannot believe about myself is that I’m turning up to exercise.  I hate exercising but the fact I don't miss sessions is a big gain for me.  I strength train 3 times a week at 2.00pm with a nice bunch of ladies.  We always ask after each other and encourage one another during our sessions.” Marilyn



21 August 2017

Jeanette said “I joined a gym with a friend many years ago when my girls where older and off my hands.  It was great having someone to workout with you don’t want to let them down and it keeps you more accountable.  I did the treadmill, aqua and some classes, but my friend stopped going and then eventually so did I. 

My girls decided they wanted some extra pocket money when they were 10 and got a job delivering junk mail.  That was short lived and I ended up doing this for 6 years, so this was my form of exercise. 

Then in 2005 I joined a different gym and found that it was too frivolous and light weight.  I have been to 2 other gyms since then, have worked with a PT and attended classes until I came across Strong Healthy Women in 2011.  I love the variety and that it’s for women of my age.  It is not like other fitness programs where you don’t see anyone or if you do they don’t know who you are.  I have made a great network of friends and if I am feeling unmotivated, I make the effort because they will be expecting to see me.  I particularly like the amount of extras provided about health and fitness that I have not encountered anywhere else.  I am stronger.”

I loved hearing Jeanette’s story this week because she shared her journey of fitness with me.  What it highlighted was how important it is to build connections with other women who are like you.  Those women who know that their health and fitness is important and work on this on a daily basis.  You only need to start and each day you get stronger.  What I also loved hearing was how much she loves strength training now and yet in the past her exercise of choice had been based on cardio style workouts.  She now understands the importance of muscle over fat. 



14 August 2017

Hazel said “I want to keep my body fat in the healthy range” when she joined Strong Healthy Women in February 2008.  The average person who joins a fitness facility will generally give up on it within the first 12 months.  This was Hazel prior to joining us.  She said “I joined another gym, my husband organised it for me, but it just wasn’t for me, then I came to you and have been here ever since”. Hazel is like many of the other women at SHW who value their health and fitness and stick with the ever changing program.  Hazel said “I was reluctant with the last round of changes but am absolutely loving the new format and sessions”. She also told me her favourite part is being told how to improve her technique and the benefits of it. 

I know as a woman how easy it is to do what you like and to give up on something because it is unknown.  But the nicest surprises are just around the corner.  When you challenge yourself to discover the new, the rewards can be endless. 



07 August 2017 

Els joined Strong Healthy Women in 2015 and is celebrating her second anniversary this month. She said “I want to lose weight, increase my fitness levels and improve my mobility.”  Els has struggled with walking long distances, climbing stairs, holding on to rails, with flexibility and mobility to complete everyday tasks that you and I take for granted.  Since joining she has gone from strength to strength; never giving up.  One of our 2pm regulars, she participates in every session without question and always gives 110%.  Els can now squat, do elevated push ups, run and has recently increased the weight of the dumbbells she can lift.

She said “I was at a BBQ recently and discovered I was walking up and down the stairs without holding on and ALL while carrying items for the BBQ, I could not believe it.”  She beamed as she told us that story.  Els decided to participate in the 28 day transformation journey in July and after the first week came home and starting to the housework and her husband said “what are you doing.” Her reply was “I’m doing the housework, I have energy, can you believe this?”   It didn’t stop there, while washing her car her neighbour called over and asked "Els? Is that you?".   Just something else she hadn’t done in a very long time.  Every milestone is shared with her new found friends at Strong Healthy Women and the encouragement she receives from these women pushes her further.  Just the other day she walked in and said “I haven’t been able to wear this shirt for 10 years, look at me.”

The key to success is who you have on your team and Els has this.  She receives amazing support from her partner, her mum and the team at Strong Healthy Women.

Els' determination will see her go from strength to strength.  We are so proud of her achievements and look forward to hearing about her next milestone. 



31 July 2017

This December sees the 10th anniversary of Betty working out with Strong Healthy Women.  Betty said “I want to strengthen my body as I age” when she joined us in her late 60’s.  We have seen Betty go from strength to strength.  Our direction has changed a lot since she joined us 10 years ago and this Monday sees us launch our very own and exclusive program FFITFlex and Betty is coming along for the ride.  I love that Betty called me and said “Peta, do you think I can do this”.  Of course you can Betty, I have you covered.  She said “I don’t want to work out alone.”  We talked a while and I said there are many ladies of all ages, with all sorts of ailments and concerns that is why we have a “low” and “high” version of the program and at the time you come there are others who are just like you. 

The most special part of Betty working out is that when she can, she works out with her daughter Wendy.  Wendy actually said to myself and Betty a few weeks ago, I can really see the difference in mums strength.  I just love Betty’s determination to keep giving it a go.  Even when we moved locations and her friends she loved working out with left, she still kept at it and this has truly paid off.  Betty is truly relentless. 


24 July 2017

“Being part of the Strong Healthy Women on-line community has given me a place that is safe and supportive to work on my health and fitness.  Even though I am not physically connected, I feel like I am a real person and not just a remote being.  I am asked how I am going and feel like I have others on the journey with me.

I first started with the 28 day transformation when a friend of mine Yvonne who is already fit and full of energy told me about what she gained from doing the program and I saw this as an impressive recommendation as I valued what she said.

The program works, you know the experience is there, you are shown how to, you then have the self-determination and belief you can execute what you’ve learnt and you don’t have to be perfect.  I always feel like it’s a conversation and not a lesson. 

The most wonderful aspect is the group of women in this community all 50’ish+ in the prime of their life, my favourite part of the journey. When my partner had a heart attack I shared how I was a little off track and the support and concern was amazing.

I never thought I would lose weight off my arms, but I did.  I know that I can.  My blood pressure is now normal and my partner tells me how gorgeous I am. The routine is never boring and I love that I am sharing this journey with other Strong Healthy Women”. Tess


Strength is Within You

17 July 2017

You don't know the strength you have until you take that first step towards changing your life.

"I never, in a million years thought I would be a Personal Trainer. Peta and I have been friends for nearly 25 years. After losing touch and then a right-place-right-time encounter with her, my coaching journey began. I have been part of Peta's team now for eight years.

After the birth of my youngest child I weighed 98 kilos. I started eating properly and moving - walking every day. If I needed milk I would walk to the supermarket instead of driving. The weight fell off but the walking wasn't enough anymore so I started running. Don't get me wrong, I didn't run from start to finish. I interval ran. Guess what? That wasn't enough so I started strength training.

That's when Peta gave me an opportunity to work as a coach along side women just like me. I obtained my certificate IV in Fitness and was over the moon. You see, we are coaches (not trainers). We guide and support our clients to their goals and healthy lifestyle.

Not only am I a Cert IV PT, I am certified in Boxfit and Metafit and continue to develop my skills and obtain new certifications.

Because of my weight loss journey I know how our ladies feel, struggle, stumble and celebrate. I know every excuse there is because I too have used them all. But I will not give up on myself or our clients.

Everyday I am taken more out of my comfort zone in my life and in my role as the Operations Manager at Strong Healthy Women. I say "give it go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain". Sally-anne



10 July 2017

“I come along to Strong Healthy Women, because I want to stay supple, fit and strong.  It gives me discipline, determination and feeling of being positive and of course I am fitter.

When I did the 28 Day Transformation Journey I was away a bit so didn’t stay true to it as I should have, but I did like the meals and are still eating them now.

I love the like-minded women that I am working out with. I am close to home so I can walk there as well and get my steps in for the day.  I particularly love the variety and especially enjoy the stretching session. 

I want to go into my older age, fitter and stronger.” Annie



03 July 2017

Introducing Suzanne who reaches her 7 year milestone with us this month.  Congratulations on your consistency to your health and fitness Suzanne.  She joined in July 2010 because maintaining her fitness and weight was important to her and as a woman in her sixties she looks fantastic, don’t you agree? 

This photo is of Suzanne and her lovely daughters at Bec’s bridal shower.  Bec is getting married in New York in July.  What a fabulous location and we are so happy that she has shared her joy with us. 

Now this photo although quite blurry has an interesting story attached to it.  It’s from the Courier Mail this week and the headline read “BABY BOOZERS LEADING AUSSIE TIPPLERS”.

The headline intrigued me knowing that Suzanne is not one for overindulging and would only have the odd drink if she was socialising.  The article said that 9 out of 10 adults surveyed drank alcohol and were classified as low to moderate drinkers. Baby Boomer and Retirees drank more often with one in four aged 60 to 69 drinking alcohol most days compared to one in twelve under the age of 30. 

A little reminder that one glass of wine or beer can take a 15 to 30 minute high intensity session to burn.  If you are working out 3 times a week that is 3 glasses of wine or beer a week.  Suzanne is not a “BABY BOOZERS LEADING AUSSIE TIPPLERS” and many of us who are like Suzanne must be the minority according to this survey.  Life is for enjoying and Health is for the long term.



26 June 2017

I’ve been attending Strong Healthy Women for a long time based on the recommendation of a cousin.  The routine and program suits me.  I really like the fact that I don’t have to wear the latest gear. I can come along as I am and do not need to worry about buying clothes to fit in with what others are wearing.  I love all the extra body weight and free weight training because that is making a real difference to my strength and I’m finding it so worthwhile.

I feel good, I’m fitter than friends my age. 

I love the routine and the women that I have met along the way.



19 June 2017

This week I had the opportunity to be the guest speaker and meet the lovely ladies of the Centenary View Club.  We had a wonderful evening and meal at the McLeod Golf Club.  Talking on many subjects related to health and fitness and primarily on what happens to our bodies post menopause.

VIEW members support the education of disadvantaged Australian children by raising much needed funds for The Smith Family. Through fundraising activities and social events in local communities, members raise money that goes directly to The Smith Family's learning and mentoring programs for disadvantaged students.  You can learn more about the View Club here.

Belong to a group and you would like a guest speaker on Leading a Healthy Lifestyle, please contact me.  I love spreading the word.



12 June 2017

I am sitting here listening to Pat’s interview and “the grass is greener” pops into my head.

Sometimes we need to try something else to realise what we have is so much better.  Thinking that others are fitter than we are, we need more cardio to lose weight, we need a weight management clinic to learn how to eat properly and yet everything you need to be Healthy, Happy, Strong & Fit can be right in front of you.

During the week Nicole asked Pat, why she joined Strong Healthy Women.

“I like the machines they are geared for women. It is a smaller place and there is no time delay in changing weights and that attracted me enormously.  I knew that as I was aging I had to strength train.  I did take a break and went to a conventional gym and to be honest I spent most of my time on a treadmill. I came back.” 

Sally-anne (our Head Personal Trainer) said “it can be daunting, intimidating even, not knowing how to use equipment at conventional style gyms.  She said there have been countless times when she was working out and she helped other women who could have been injured because of incorrect technique or just didn’t know where to start. I love the fact that here at Strong Healthy Women we coach during our sessions.” 

So what has Pat gained since working out at Strong Healthy Women?

“I love the routine, it suits me.  It’s easy to get to the facility.  It’s quick, I’m in and out.  I’ve gained a social connection as I’ve got to know the women I work out with.  I feel like I’m an individual here and not just part of the crowd.”

What where Pat's comments about the 28 Day Transformation Journey?

“The 28DTJ was great, I enjoyed the new recipes.  I loved that the menu was planned for you, the grocery list was done and there was nothing to think about.  I lost 4 kilos in the 28 days.  I did give me a challenge to change my eating and for the better.”

Go from Blah to Better in 28 Days.


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