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Do you have a Fitness Passion?  You might know mine already, if you picked up the latest Prevention magazine.   Read More
I love learning, do you?  Whether in person or on-line part of my learning process is spending time talking with women in our community.   Read More
I was reading an article in the Sunday Mail on the 15 April 2018 and the headline read “Women Taught to Love their Bodies”.  Just based on this, I was compelled to read on.  By the time I finished reading the article I was a little upset in how... Read More
MUSIC TO MOTIVATE... click here!!!  Just when you think life is about to settle down,... Read More
How many Peta’s did you know in the 60’s?  There were lots of boy – Peter’s but I didn’t know any other Peta’s at all.  I remember teachers wanting to call me PET’TA, not sure why.  But I was always saying no... Read More
Can you guess what the average song length was in the 1970’s?  I won’t keep you hanging in suspense… it was 3 MINUTES!    Read More
Did you know? 63% of women aged 50 and beyond have either persistent or intermittent knee pain.  Barbara did and doesn't anymore!   Read More

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