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WHEN TO DRINK WATER - 17 February 2018
Imagine not drinking anything, nothing at all, all day long.  How thirsty would you be?  Pretty thirsty right? Just imagine how you would be feeling right about... Read More
TAKE THE DAY OFF, YES OR NO? - 16 February 2018
Are there days, when you just don’t feel like exercising?  We all have those days, me included.  So what should you do?  Not do it? Or do it?  You should do it anyway. Read More
WORKING TOGETHER - 15 February 2018
We love supporting others and flourish with the support we get from those around us.  Social connection plays a major role in our well-being and has played an important part in our lives since the beginning of time.  Read More
Our wonderful community of women love gardening and finding great bargains and are only too happy to share with others.  Like Helen who has delightful home-grown cherry tomatoes, or Maria who shares her home-grown passionfruit or myself sharing lemons from my ever... Read More
WHAT YOU LOOK FOR AND WHY - 10 February 2018
This week I asked this question of my clients.  What type of searches on the internet or articles in papers or magazines do you look for in regards to health and fitness and why? Julie said “I... Read More
HAPPY 28 DAYS - 09 February 2018
I am really excited to welcome Karen, Gaynor, Vicki, Coral, Helen, Alison, Ruth, Maria, Elaine, Cynthia and Elisabeth to the 28 Day Transformation.  This is their first week of something new.  With change comes a little concern and a whole lot of excitement... Read More
I was sitting in the Dentist Surgery the other Saturday waiting to go in for a clean and check-up.  Boy was it cold in there, you would never know it was 38 outside.  I was turning into a Popsicle sitting there reading a book on psychology and compliance. How... Read More

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