Our Story

Coaching and Community is at the heart of everything we do at Strong Healthy Women. 

We love that we are Strong Healthy Women and able to provide health, fitness and lifestyle programs to you and your friends.

Our vision and passion is to provide a forum and place of community so that we can continue to grow spiritually, gain confidence and become stronger physically and emotionally. 

We love uniqueness, because we all are.  That is why are programs are "designed for you". Programs are both in-house and on-line because we understand that sometimes you need to fit your wellness programs into your busy schedule.  An improved lifestyle only requires one small step, to make one small change, to be better than you were yesterday.

The Magic is in the 4M's...



Meet The Team

Peta Green
"Being the Founder of Strong Healthy Women is the best job on earth.  I get to work out and share lifestyle tips all day long with women who want to be Healthy, Happy, Strong & Fit.

Although the early starts are not my favourite thing to do, I’d much rather hit a trail or muck out horses stables.  You see I love the outdoors, I live on a farm and the smell of horse stables ignite my senses.  To me there is nothing better than mucking out the stables whilst watching the sunrise.  Spending time with my love and my family is one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday.  I love to hike, walk, run, exercise and anything that is active and have a rekindled love of cooking.  Best of all I am in my element learning and taking on new tasks.

I was in primary school when I started making changes to my lifestyle and that was a direct result of watching my mother care for my grandmother, and noticing my mother heading down the same path. I cannot change mum’s approach to exercise and healthy eating that’s just the way it is. I can however, support her in her choices.  You see for many generations the women in my family have been overweight and unhealthy.  I have the genetics and make up to head down exactly the same path, so staying Healthy and Fit is a daily battle for me.

Coaching and supporting women of my generation is what I am passionate about.  When I hear that someone’s cholesterol or blood pressure is down, or I can fit into clothes that haven’t ventured out of my cupboard for 10 years, or I don’t feel sad looking at myself in the mirror any more, or that I can play with my grandkids/kids and don’t have to sit and watch anymore or I can get up and down off the ground brings great joy to my heart.  

I am Cleveland Clinic Certified in Fitness, Nutrition and Change Management, as well as hold a Certificate IV in Fitness and a variety of other related qualifications as well as an extensive list of certifications in a range of different industries.

Each year that goes by only makes me more aware of the importance of staying healthy, happy, strong and fit and to enjoy each and every opportunity that comes my way.  Taking care of myself is part of my daily routine and I want that for all women.  What helps me each day is being part of a community and surrounding myself with like-minded people."

Sally-anne Milham
"I never, in a million years thought I would be a Personal Trainer. Peta and I have been friends for nearly 24 years. After losing touch and then a right-place-right-time encounter with her, my coaching journey began. I have been part of Peta's team now for seven years.

After the birth of my youngest child I weighed 98 kilos. I started eating properly and moving - walking every day. If I needed milk I would walk to the supermarket instead of driving. The weight fell off but the walking wasn't enough anymore so I started running. Don't get me wrong, I didn't run from start to finish. I interval ran. Guess what? That wasn't enough so I started strength training.

That's when Peta gave me an opportunity to work as a coach along side women just like me. I obtained my certificate IV in Fitness and was over the moon. You see, we are coaches (not trainers). We guide and support our clients to their goals and healthy lifestyle.

Not only am I a Cert IV PT, I am certified in Boxfit and Metafit and continue to develop my skills and obtain new certifications.

Because of my weight loss journey I know how our ladies feel, struggle, stumble and celebrate. I know every excuse there is because I too have used them all. But I will not give up on myself or our clients.

Everyday I am taken more out of my comfort zone in my life and in my role as the Operations Manager at Strong Healthy Women. I say "give it go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain".

Nicole Stevens

"I always wanted to be fit and healthy but as a younger person I would either exercise or diet but not really combine the 2 properly. I also saw diet and exercise in terms of short increments of something I would do for 3 months. I did not have a plan in place for when the diet or exercise ended therefore I never looked at it as a lifestyle. I hate the word diet as to me that means deprivation and never being able to eat what you actually like. Negative to say the least.

This consumed a great deal of my time during my late teens, 20’s and into my 30’s.  After having my second child at 36 and losing the immediate baby weight I was at 76 kilos. Over the next year I lost another 3 kilos but could not lose any more weight. At this stage I was walking 2 or 3 times per week.

When I decided to start exercising, that included more than walking, I decided that it would be not only to lose weight but to feel healthier both physically and mentally and to take time for myself. I joined Curves back then because it offered a time effective workout of 30 minutes and I could go in at any time while the gym was open and do the workout.   It took about 2 months for my weight to start reducing but during that time I focused on the fact that I was working out and that there were other benefits not just weight loss.  I did begin to lose weight and body fat and my workouts went from 2 times a week to 3 and then to 4. I also started to teach myself how to jog which for me was a big achievement as I had not been able to do it in the past. At that time it took about 10 months for me to drop just over 12 kilos and lose a decent amount of body fat.

I have since challenged by myself by participating in the Bridge to Brisbane 5 kilometre run, Ride for MS 25 kilometre circuit, the Spartan Race and the Beach Bash to name a few. It is very exciting to feel you can attempt these things and even better when you complete them.  

I have been a member of SHW since January 2011 and for me exercise and a healthy eating plan are just a part of everyday. There is no thinking about whether I will or not I just get up and go.   This got me to thinking that I should complete my Cert III in Fitness so I could could plan my own exercise sessions in addition to working out at SHW.

While doing my certification, I did my work experience at Strong Healthy Women and from there had the great opportunity to begin working with the team at SHW. I am now looking forward to completing my Cert IV in Fitness and also have a keen interest in Nutrition and Massage for the future.

Now at 44 I am healthier and fitter than I was during my 20’s and can do things I wouldn’t have attempted had I not started working out at SHW. Consistency is always key."

Arnia Tinetti
Hi I’m Arnia, I love being part of the Strong Healthy Women team. I am passionate about having a positive impact on others.  I’m the one who’s always smiling, I just love what I do.  I make it my business to ensure our members are pushing themselves, sweating, having fun and getting results at the same time. I love what I do. This year I completed my Certificate III in Fitness and participated in my very first weightlifting competition. I am currently working towards my certificate IV in fitness and my next competition.    

Megan Davidson
Hi I’m Megan and I have just turned 18.  I started with Strong Healthy Women after doing 2 weeks work experience when I was in year 10, that was 3 and 1/2 years ago now.  I have had a fantastic opportunity to work with an amazing team and to grow and develop a work ethic that will keep me in good stead as I study for my career as a Paramedic.  Supporting women of all ages has helped me understand we are all different and deserve respect no matter who we are.  I love learning and have been given so much support and guidance from not only the members of the SHW team but all of our wonderful members.

Making a Difference

Since 2007 Strong Healthy Women have been actively involved, helping and raising funds in our local and widespread community.  We are passionate about helping others.  Support comes in different formats. It might be a much needed smile or hello for the day, food for those who will do without at Christmas time, funds to help advance medical breakthroughs or washing clothes for those effected by floods.  We see acts of kindness every day in our facility, our members are amazing and support one another in whatever way they can. Small acts make BIG changes in lives.

We currently support the following organisations:

Wesley Choices Program formerly Kim Walters Choices Program

The Wesley Hospital Choices Cancer Support Centre, located in the historic Drysllwyn House in Auchenflower, Brisbane, offers a calm, caring and safe place for people with all types of cancers. At Choices, any individual affected by cancer receives appropriate support and information to meet their physical, practical and emotional needs following a diagnosis of cancer. This unique, free community service for women and men is backed by surgical, oncological and allied health services provided by The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane.



iSEE CARE is the community care arm of iSEE CHURCH that reaches into our suburbs and city. It provides practical relief to families in need within our community and educates the younger generation in life-skills through local schools.


Contact Us

We love hearing from women in our community. Please send us your details with your enquiry and we will come back to you shortly.