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Life is about what you do each day.  It’s about starting with purpose and intention. Leading a healthy, happy, strong and fit lifestyle is about each moment and how you live it. 

As we move into another stage of our life we start to take a breath and realise that life is passing us by and it’s time to take stock.  The children are getting older, our parents are needing more care, our work (paid or volunteer) takes up more time than it should and we are rushing from one thing to the next. 

As women we tend to put ourselves last and then all of a sudden we do not recognise the woman in front of us.  It’s time to focus on what’s important.

You might feel lost. We might not like the way you look in clothes anymore.  You might be struggling with menopausal symptoms or post menopause weight gain.  You might avoid photos because you don’t like to look at yourself.  You might have put on weight.  You might feel lonely.  You might have health concerns. You might feel that no-one understands.  To might struggle to self-care. You might not know how to reclaim your life.  You might think it’s too hard. 

It’s about the Start and building towards the Strong.  Taking each step in the journey and loving each moment no matter what it brings and finding the delight in this, your special life.


Strong Healthy Women are all about the Lifestyle. 

Healthy, Happy, Strong & Fit.  Join our community.

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