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"As a woman in my 50's I know it's important to have regular medical reviews. I am pleased to say my doctor is impressed with my results, sugar levels - great, kidney, liver, heart - great, cholesterol - great, blood pressure of a teenager, improved bone density, I should stop while I'm ahead. I starting thinking about what I would be like if I didn't workout. I understand that exercising is part of my life now, it is essential to maintain good health, keep me out of hospital, I don't want to be a statistic. I remember back to what I could or couldn't do when I first started, I have made so much progress. I can actually do a push up now. After my workouts I have heaps of energy and feel great. I know it's about acceptance as you age, I'm not 20, my body has changed, it's about staying healthy and strong. Women my age are more aware of our health and do what we can to stay well."
" As mother and daughter, we enjoy the opportunity to work-out together.  The 2 on 1 sessions offer a supportive and inclusive environment.  We also attend the small group training sessions together and particularly LOVE Piloxing and Get Your Strong On.  These sessions require a level of resilience we never knew we had.  When we make it to the end, we are constantly rewarded with the knowledge that we CAN, if we persevere.  We also enjoy seeing how our strength and fitness have improved since starting these sessions.  – Andrea and Amy (mother and daughter)"
" If you are looking for Personal Training, I would highly recommend Peta and Sally-anne. I attend Personal Training, 2 on 1 Training and Small Group Training in the great outdoors. The locations are fantastic and well worth the drive. I am always pushed to my limits for the full 30 minutes, but the exhilaration lasts me for hours afterwards. My work outs are varied and designed for women just like me. We work hard, but we also get to enjoy the laughs along the way. I really love my exercising with SHW. - Helen"

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